Not familiar with Land Survey? That’s not surprising, actually. Many people don’t think much about surveying; some are not even aware of its importance, well, don't crack your head you are in the right place.

When do i need the service

Are you planning  on buying a house or owning aka  plot somewhere? That’s a good investment! But always ensure to ask the service of your Local Surveyor before finalizing your purchase actually this should be your first step before making the deal

Surveyors Job

A surveyor can help you find out the boundary measurements of the land that you plan to buy. Wondering if trees, fences, etc. actually lie on your prospective property? Land surveyors can give you the answer! They can also determine if there is intrusion of the property that you plan to buy; for instance, a portion of a house stands on your prospective land.


Furthermore, surveyors can help you regarding zoning and building regulations. If you want to buy a land and eventually build on it, they can help you identify possible problems. The same thing goes when you plan to buy a land that may be hard to build on. Your surveyor will help you determine potential problems and look for possible solutions. You don’t want to make the mistake of buying the wrong property, do you? Let's take this crucial step before investing in any property now or in future.