1. Equipment hire

We have a state-of-the-art Hire Fleet which consists of the very latest equipment available; from Automatic Levels, Rotating Lasers, Total Stations, GNSS/GPS Solutions, UAV (Drones) and 3D Laser Scanners. All required accessories (tripod, staff, detail pole, prism etc.) come with the above instrumentation.

Some of the instruments are released with highly skilled personnel to aid in operation.



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2. Training, service and support programs.

When it comes to customer training and development, we’re working hard to bring something different to the table. In addition to technical support, we also understand that high quality training is critical and key to unlocking the full potential of your survey equipment. Our structured training programs will enable you to take full advantage of your instrument’s capabilities, and improve your workflow both in the field and the office, with a view to increasing your productivity and streamlining your project workflows.

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3. Land Surveying Services

Cadastral surveying is the discipline of land surveying relating to the laws of land ownership and the definition of property boundaries. It involves interpreting and advising on boundary locations, on the status of land ownership and on the rights, restrictions and interests in property. Such information is recorded for use on plans, maps and other legal documents

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