2. Training, service and support programs

• Training

When it comes to customer training and development, we’re working hard to bring something different to the table. In addition to technical support, we also understand that high quality training is critical and key to unlocking the full potential of your survey equipment. Our structured training programs will enable you to take full advantage of your instrument’s capabilities, and improve your workflow both in the field and the office, with a view to increasing your productivity and streamlining your project workflows.


Geoid offers a flexible selection of training packages to suit your company’s needs, experience and timeframe, as well as the option to create your own based around the specific requirements of your project or organization.




• Service

We are a fully authorized accredited service and distribution partner of Kolida Instruments, and as such offer comprehensive instrument calibration, servicing and repairs on a wide range of survey equipment. Our service technicians are manufacturer factory trained to the very highest standard, and undertake regular and ongoing professional training so you can be confident in the quality of service we provide.


Understanding the rigors of the construction site and potential implications of using inaccurate instrumentation, we would be happy to talk you through the benefits of regular scheduled maintenance for your equipment.





• Support

We believe that your level of technical expertise should not be a limiting factor in what you can achieve within your projects, which is why we understand the importance of accessibility. Our equipment specialists are experienced in dealing with everyone from absolute beginners all the way through to certified technical experts, and are here to guide you through your project from initial point of contact, all the way through the project completion.