• Emergency Response

    Emergency response personnel are always working round the clock and at instances where the conditions greatly reduce their mobility across the ground, drones cab be extremely useful in aiding emergency services to figure out how best plan their rescue efforts. Increasingly, drones are being used aid in these activities by a managing the impact of a disaster both during and after the event.

    Drone search and rescue during a disaster

    Flood Disasters

    To assess the direction of flow of flood and also predict which building are at risk thus helping in determining the areas that should be evacuated.


    UAVs are used to identify unusable routes due to caved in tunnels or bridges. They also help identifying target priority areas.

    Search And Rescue

    In case of disaster scenarios or with more search and resque missions, missing persons are found as soon as possible to maximize their chance of survival.

    Delivery Of Emergency Supplies

    Delivery of supplies and medicine using drones is much quicker than traditional routes. It also has the advantage of keeping personnel away from
    potentially dangerous areas.

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