Precision Agriculture

Agriculture being one of the most crucial elements for sustainability not only in our country but in the world, precise methods of agricultural production have to be employed. For agriculture to remain sustainable with the increasing global population, maximizing productivity, optimizing land spaces, exploring advanced farming techniques have to be integrated into agriculture. Use of drones is a concept where they gather agricultural data where analysis and inferences can be made from such information.

In precision agriculture, drones have a range of uses from soil and crop field analysis, spraying of pesticides and fertilizers etc. It also provides farmers with concrete information that enables them to make informed decisions and utilize their resources more efficiently and effectively.

Pesticide spraying using a robot


3D model generated from drone survey


Benefits of using drones in precision agriculture?

  1. Saves costs;
  2. Enhanced efficiency ;
  3. It is profitable;

All these benefits are because drones quickly cover and survey vast stretches of farmland, report crop health, improve spraying accuracy, and monitor livestock and irrigation systems.



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