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What is the buzz about drones for agriculture?

What is the buzz about drones for agriculture?

Have you been wondering what the buzz about drones for agriculture is? Why would a person heavily invest in these big flying robots for use in their farms? In this blog post, we help you to uncover some of the answers to these questions. Drones for smart farmingTechnological revolution is upon u...

Checking Automatic Level Accuracy - GOL 32 D

Checking automatic level accuracy - gol 32 d

How accurate and precise is your level? here are tests to verify if your level needs calibration or repair.Circular bubble test:        Set your instrument on a tripod in an area that is as level as possible.         ...

How accurate is your level?

How accurate is your level?

Accuracy is the most key thing a surveyor can consider while choosing the type of level to apply.Bosch GOL 32 D is the level to use.GOL 32D is an optical instrument used to establish and verify points in the same Horizontal plane. It is used in surveying and building construction with a vertical l...


Find your way in this big,wide world - garmin 65s

Explore more with this rugged handheld that offers multi-band frequency support for our most accurate position to date, a 2.6” color display and preloaded maps.Don’t miss a detail with this large, sunlight-readable color display.Lead the way in challenging locations with multi-band technology an...

How to Get Longer Working Hours with Your GNSS Receiver?

How to get longer working hours with your gnss receiver?

As the new satellites and new signal bands have been applied continually for GNSS positioning, the amount of data that GNSS receivers need to transmit, receive, and process is much larger than before. Therefore, the amount of power usage becomes a lot more.In most cases you find surveyors are strugg...

 5 Tips for Filming People with Drones in Kenya

5 tips for filming people with drones in kenya

 Drones and quadcopters are getting more and more popular, and they ’re fairly simple to operate. It’s now easier than ever to get the stunning elevated shots formerly only seen in Hollywood film. ...

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